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Indendence Spill Proof Sippy Cups hold 6 oz, 9 oz or 12 oz

Independence Cups
6 oz, 9 oz or 12 oz

Each cup includes 2 specialty lids


These high quality spill proof drinking cups are designed to be easily picked up and held.  They have a wide base which makes them easy to set down without tipping or spilling. Made from clear plastic, these mugs are practically unbreakable, will not cloud, and never impart a flavor.

Each cup comes with two specialty lids.

  • Spout Lid - has a contoured spout to fit comfortably in the mouth.
  • Anti-Splash Lids - prevents splashing and helps to direct the flow of liquid into the mouth.  Both lids allow the flow of liquid to be regulated and can be used with a straw.

Both lids fit all cup sizes.  Replacement lids are available.

Dishwasher safe. BPA free.

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