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IDDSI Funnel for Flow Testing

IDDSI Funnel for Flow Testing

An easy way to test drink thickness


Drink Testing Method: The IDDSI Flow Test

When evaluating the thickness level of liquids, the IDDSI Flow Test uses a gravity flow test, using a 10ml syringe or an IDDSI Funnel, as a simple, easy to use, practical objective measure to classify the thickness of drinks based on their rate of flow. 

The IDDSI funnels make testing easier than using syringes, as the funnel top is designed so you can pour the test sample directly into the funnel without the need for another syringe. 

The IDDSI Funnel is marked with IDDSI Framework Levels on the side for easy classification of the following levels of thickness:

  • Level 1 - Slightly Thick (Thin Nectar)
  • Level 2 - Mildly Thick (Nectar)
  • Level 3 - Moderately Thick (Honey)  

IDDSI Funnels are made of re-usable and recyclable plastic.

IDDSI Flow Test Poster

For more information about IDDSI testing, visit www.iddsi.org

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